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Bread Flour Soft Flour Specialist Flours
Yeast Tartlet Cases

Bread Flour

Strong flour is best for making bread. The strength of the flour depends on its protein content. It is the protein that forms the gluten, which is important in baking. High gluten levels give a loaf good volume and texture.

T55 OR Bread Flour moul bieWhite Flour - Strong Marriages
Wholemeal Flour - Strong MarriagesBaguette Flour moul bie
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Soft Flour

Soft flour is low in gluten so the result is a finer texture. Usually soft flour is divided into cake flour which is lowest in gluten, and pastry flour which has slightly more gluten than cake flour.

T45 Violette Strong moul bieWhite Flour - Self Raising Marriages
White Flour - Plain Marriages
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Specialist Flours

Flour designed to meet specific food production requirements.

BuckwheatCotswold Crunch Flour (Dark)
Durum Wheat semolinaOO Soft Wheat
GramOO Soft Wheat extra fine Spandoni
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Most species of yeast reproduce asexually by budding. Yeast size can very depending on the species. It is used in baking as a leavening agent. It converts the fermentable sugars in the dough into carbon dioxide, causing the dough to expand or rise, forming bubbles. These set when the dough is baked, making the product soft and spongy.

Dried FermipanFresh*
For seeds see Pulses, Grains, Rice, Seeds & Nuts
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Tartlet Cases

Tartlet, canapé, and dessert cases ready to be filled and served, or heated up.

(Pidy unless stated)SizeQty
Savoury Tartlet Cases
Savoury Canape Case4cm192
Savoury Tart Case11cm42
Neutral Tartlet Cases
Amusettes (spoons)84
Mini cones288
Neutral Ragout Cups Centaur4.5cm64
Neutral Corolle Canape3cm96
Neutral Iris Canape3cm96
Neutral Tart Case6cm80
Neutral Tart Case7cm90
Neutral Quiche Case8.5cm144
Neutral Tart Case Vide Marleen8.5cm40
Sweet Tartlet Cases
Sweet Tart Case6.4cm180
Sweet Tart Case9.5cm108
Sweet Tart Case28cm10
Panfruttone Italian sweetbread
Brandy Snap Baskets50
Meringue Nests White6.5cm100
Tuille Baskets72
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